Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper released!

My newest Android project, Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper, has been released to the Android Market!  It is a live wallpaper with a living population that is under attack by a zombie infection.  Watch the horror of the zombie infection on your phone! It is available in the Android Market for all Android 2.1 devices and higher at a cost of $0.99. 

See this page for more information on Pixel Zombies, including screenshots, and click the icon below to buy the app from the Android Market!

pixel zombies


  1. It doesn't show up in the market for Droid with 2.1.

  2. Same results here... says the search results are missing. Android 2.1 Motorola :(

  3. Thanks for letting me knows guys, I've heard this in a few emails. I'm trying to track down the issue, please let me know if you find out anything!

  4. are you going to come out with an iphone app, or hacked app?? i would love to add this to my f apple phone. down with the man