Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper

pixel zombies


Watch the horror of a pixel zombie infection on your phone! Watch as the blue pixels desperately try to defend the helpless green population as the zombie horde grows.  This live wallpaper is available for Android 2.1 devices and higher and is now available on the Android Market!

Red Pixels - Zombies
Blue Pixels - Zombie hunters
Green Pixels - Helpless zombie food

  • Customize starting population numbers (total population, blue pixels, zombies) in the live wallpaper settings
  • Drop a nuclear bomb to wipe out the population by dropping an icon on your home screen
  • View population statistics during each simulation
  • View the number of times the zombies took over or the blue zombies stopped them

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why do the zombies always win?
Changes to your settings altered the balance! You can tweak population numbers to get a win ratio that you find the most entertaining.  With the default settings of a total population of 400, 5 starting zombies, and 5 starting blue pixels, the win ration should be about 60% zombies and 40% blue pixels.

How can just watch the Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper without icons in the way and having to keep the screen on myself?
The app "Show Off (Your Live Wallpaper)" by the developer JJCgames moves all of the home screen icons and widgets out of the way and keeps your screen on so you can watch the zombie infection for hours on end! I use it all the time :)

Why can't I see the statistics or scores?
Some phones with Sense UI or people using home replacements may cover up the scores in their current position.  Options to move the scores and stats are planned for the next update.  

How do I set off a nuclear blast?
To set off a nuke, you need to drop an icon on your home screen.  You can do this by pressing your finger over an existing icon on your home screen until you can move it around, and then dropping it somewhere.  You can also long press on a blank spot on your home screen and add a shortcut from the menu that pops up.

I can't set off a nuclear blast, even if I do the above!
You are probably using a home replacement app instead of the default home app.  I detect an icon drop based on Google's documentation, so some of these home replacements must be broadcasting icon drops in a non-standard way or not at all.

What do I do if I have a suggestion or feedback about Pixel Zombies?
Shoot me an email (hayden.the.android [at] gmail.com) and let me know.  I read all of your emails, even if I don't get the chance to respond.  Your feedback will help me decide and prioritize what to include in future updates, so keep it coming!