Friday, June 25, 2010

Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper v1.1.0 Update Released!

The latest version of Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper, v1.1.0, is now available on the Android Market! Check out all of the changes below!


  • Custom backgrounds
  • Nuke size setting
  • Nuke on double tap
  • Speed settings (slow, normal, fast) for all pixel types
  • Smoothed ending animation of nuke



  1. LOVE!! pixel zombie. this and "aquarium donation" are the two best live wallpapers out there. they both get OOOOHs and Ahhhs when you show them to people. they both are fun to look at and interact with.

    really outstanding.

    I was thinking, now that you can apply backgrounds, instead of the grid I can use cut images of countries so that my zombie infestation has a landmass frame of reference.

    What would be interesting is if somehow you (As the designer - not "you" as in "the user") could make the zombies and hunters move on certain paths -- being able to load google maps satellite view and watch the zombie infestation of my own city would be awesome. The "path" thing comes into play if you zoomed in and could get the pixels to actually move on the roads, down alleys - etc.

    You could also take cues from the flash game "pandemic"(and Pandemic II) and expand this to be a global infestation - or have "carriers" within the population, etc.

    I know this may be impossible - I'm just throwing ideas out there.

    I'm going to go find a map of my city, and the United States, Russia, and Europe now so I can watch the zombie infestation in horror.

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