Thursday, May 28, 2009

LOL Libs: Politics Edition Released!

The next game in the LOL Libs series, LOL Libs: Politics Edition, has been released! This version focuses on American politics, government, and recent events, and is now available on the Android Market in all regions where payed apps are available. A free, Lite version is also available in all Android Market regions.

LOL Libs: Politics Edition features:

  • Fill in your own words to create unique, hilarious stories!
  • 30 stories to choose from, with titles such as About Democrats, Area 51, Obama Inaugural Address, and more!
  • Have your Android phone read stories aloud to you! (Requires TTS service)
  • Send completed stories to friends through email or text message
  • Save your best stories
  • Load saved stories and read them again!
  • Use Random Mode to have LOL Libs automatically enter your favorite words into stories for quick fun!

Here are some screenshots from LOL Libs: Politics Edition which is running LOL Libs Engine v1.5.3 (the original LOL Libs is also updated and running v1.5.3)

The above images show the Title Screen, options menu, and the new word entry screen that now shows your progress of total words entered for the story.

Above, we can see how the new Random Mode works. Every time you finish a story, words are automatically added to your word libraries, as you can see in the above two screens. Words are always added to your libraries while an SD card is inserted, whether Random Mode is on or off.

Here, we can see the results of when Random Mode is enabled and a story is picked. There were enough words in the libraries to completely fill out the story, as noted in the left screen. If the story could have only been partially filled, the remaining words would need to be entered by the user as usual. The screen on the right is the resulting story!

If for some reason you notice you entered a word incorrectly and it is in your libraries, thus making errors in your stories while in Random Mode, you can always clear your Word Libraries and start over. To do this, just press the Menu button to bring up the context menu. Press Clear Word Libraries, and your Word Libraries are now reset and you can start fresh!

Enjoy LOL Libs: Politics Edition!

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