Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LOL Libs Feature Walkthrough

In this post I am going to discuss the different features of LOL Libs. I will walk through creating an LOL Lib story, and show screenshots of the process. Here we go!

1. First, we must start the app!

2. Once we are at the title screen, pressing the "Create New" button will get bring up the list of stories to choose from.

3. Once we pick a story, LOL Libs will display a list of the types of words that need to be entered. As we enter values, the list will display check marks beside words that have valid entries.

4. After all words have been entered, a pop up will ask if we are ready to read our story. If we want to change an entry before we continue, we can press the "Keep editing" button and make the change. Once we are sure we are ready, we press "Yes" at the pop up.

5. Read our story! Once we have read it, there are also options at the bottom of the screen to enhance our experience.

6. The "Send" button will let us send our story to family and friends. It can be sent through email or as a text message.

7. The "Speak" button will let our phone read the story aloud to us. This requires the free TTS Service. If the TTS Service is not already installed on your phone, a prompt will ask if you want to.

8. The "Save" button will let us save the story to our SD card to read again later.

9. Once we are done with this story, pressing the "Menu" button will allow us to return to the title screen.

10. If we are back at the title screen and decide we want to load a story we saved earlier, just press the "Load" button. You can then load or delete any saved stories.

That's LOL Libs! Please contact me if you have any questions!

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